Previous Winners IFP Storytelling Challenge
Previous Winning Short Films at India Film Project

Meet the winners of IFP’s Storytelling Challenge from last 2 years.

Over 1,200 storytellers participated across last 2 years from over 118 cities and 6 countries. The stories were read at the festival by the shortlisted ones, and went on to become videos. Watch the winning ones below.

Theme – Not So Superhero

Auto Mein Tiranga

Winner: Platinum Story Of The Year

Writer: Vijay Kakwani, Mumbai

Synopsis – What starts off as a regular auto ride for the Narrator, takes a completely unexpected turn of events, when he gets to know the past of his driver, Akram Chacha and his heart wrenching tale.

Na Sheershak Na Ant

Winner: Gold Story Of The Year

Writer: Sujay Malik, Mumbai

Synopsis – This is a story of an orphan, Bhaiyyaji. He teaches other orphans and is an atheist. He saves kids from communal riots but does not get any recognition for it.

Butter Chicken and everyday Heroes

Winner: Silver Story Of The Year

Writer: Vidya Nesarikar, Pune

Synopsis: Butter Chicken and Everyday Heroes is a walkdown memory lane of a little girl’s childhood and an unlikely hero. But who is the real hero of her childhood?Is it easy being a hero without superpowers?


Winner: Bronze Story of The Year

Writer: Nikhil Nagpal, New Delhi

Synopsis: What is a dream? Or should I say who? Someone inside, boosting your confidence but destroying the others’ confidence in you, telling you to take risks but it’s the reason behind every fall of yours.

Dear Maa

Winner: #5 Story Of The Year

Writer: Manasi Tiwari, Hyderabad

Synopsis: This story shows instances of how me and my not so super hero have survived the worst times by just sticking together.

Fable of the Unsung Heroes

Winner: #5 Story Of The Year

Writer: Apoorva Rajendran, Bangalore

Synopsis: This piece is dedicated to all the heroes, who came together last year and saved several lives, during the devastating Kerala Floods. They truly are the human superheroes we don’t speak of enough.

Theme – A Short Film called My Life


Winner: Platinum Story Of The Year

Writer: Naina Ojha, Ghaziabad

Sardi ke Naam ek Raat

Winner: Gold Story Of The Year

Writer: Shubham Negi, Bangalore

The Character Artist

Winner: Silver Story Of The Year

Writer: Abhaya Mishra, Mumbai