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Are you a passionate musician always looking for a new challenge? Look no further!

Create a brand new song based on given theme in 50 hours and stand a chance to push your limits to heights you never thought you could.

Your team size can be 1 to 10 people. Teams can choose any one genre to participate. The theme will be revealed at the beginning of 50 hours on Sep 18, 8pm IST.

You could stand a chance to showcase your talent to the industry’s finest composers, lyricists and musicians. Help us help you do something you’ve never done before - create a song in 50 hours!


Theme Announcement - Sep 18, 2020 - 8 PM IST
50 Hour Challenge Ends - Sep 20, 2020 - 10 PM IST


Rock, Pop,
Folk fusion, Hiphop, EDM

Registration Fees - Rs. 1000 (USD 15)


Registrations Close - Sep 17, 11:59 PM IST


Dualist Inquiry - Jury 50 Hour Music Challenge

Dualist Inquiry

Naezy - Jury 50 Hour Music Challenge


Raman Negi - Jury 50 Hour Music Challenge

Raman Negi

Vasu Dixit - Jury 50 Hour Music Challenge

Vasu Dixit


  • Awards for Platinum, Gold and Silver Song of the year in each genre.
  • Winning songs will be produced in to a music video and broadcasted on MTV India
  • Platinum winners from each genre will be featured in MTV Beats Discover.
  • One on one mentoring session with one of the Jury Members before the festival. 
  • Top 3 songs in each genre will be performed live at the festival.

Participate and get...

  • A 3 Month Free access to SkillShare to upgrade your skills
  • Exclusive Online Workshop for participants with an industry expert on the day of beginning of challenge, before 50 hours begin.
  • One season pass for entry to the festival in Mumbai.
  • E-certificate of participation


Registrations Close - Sep 17, 11:59 PM IST
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A. Time Period.
  1. The music-making hours for the 50 Hour Music Challenge are scheduled to begin from Sep 18, 8pm IST to Sep 20, 10pm IST.

  2. Participants need to submit their song via the upload link provided to the Team Leader
  3. The upload link will be sent as soon as the challenge begins.
  4. Only the tracks submitted before the deadline will be officially considered as a part of the challenge.

B. Tasks – each team will have to perform the following tasks in 50 Hours.
  1. Lyrics
  2. Arranging and Producing
  3. Recording
  4. Mixing
  5. Uploading the song.

C. However, the team can perform the following tasks before the 50 Hours Challenge begins.
  1. Organizing the Band / Team
  2. Securing the instruments
  3. Securing a noise-free space to record

D. The entire song should be made within the given time frame of 50 hours only. If it is found out that the composition or lyrics of the track were pre-composed, the entry will be disqualified. Compulsory element has to be a mandatory part of the song.

E. Theme, Genres and Compulsory Element.
  1. Each team will select their genre during the registration. Teams are free to change their genres in the registration form, before the registrations close.
  2. Team members will get the theme online on Sep 18, 8 PM IST on IFP’s social media handles – Facebook & Instagram as well as on the registered Team Leader’s Email ID and Mobile number (text message).
  3. Along with the theme, a compulsory element will also be given on the basis of your genre.
  4. Teams have to adhere to the theme, genre and include the compulsory element in order to qualify for the challenge.
  5. All participants are requested to get updates regarding the challenges on IFP’s App and official Social Media handles on Facebook & Instagram.

F. All team members must be volunteers.

G. The Song must be in Hindi or English language.

H. The finished song should be a minimum of 3 minutes and a maximum of 5 minutes.

I. The teams should use the ‘Opening Intro’ i.e. a track provided by IFP along with the theme announcement mail stating “The song was made in 50 Hours for the IFP’s 50 Hour Music Challenge” at the beginning of song. The opening track will not be included in the song, it will be considered over and above the maximum limit of 5 minutes.

    1. IFP Opening Track (Provided to you at the beginning of the challenge.)
    2. Two Seconds blank
    3. Your song (minimum 3 minutes and maximum 5 minutes)

J. Recording Quality.
The final master should be recorded professionally via microphones (condenser or dynamic), properly mixed and mastered. Teams should use a noiseless environment to ensure better sound quality. The final song should be mastered in 16bits and 44kHz to be uploaded in an uncompressed WAV format. We encourage you to use studio spaces for recording. In case you don't have one, please ensure that the recordings are done in a noise-free environment with proper microphones.

K. Lyrics.
Along with the song, you will also have to submit the lyrics typed in Courier font and in the font size 12. The lyrics should be converted to PDF before submission. The file size limit is 5MB. For songs in Hindi, the lyrics will have to be in Roman English (Download Lyrics Sheet Sample for your reference)

L. The uploaded song should be strictly below 100 MB. The uploaded file name should be your Creator ID. For instance, if your creator’s ID is TS2100, your song file name should be TS2100.mp3 and your lyrics file name should be TS2100.pdf

M. Each team must submit the signed creator’s agreement for all team members along with the upload. All these documents will be sent to the team leader via email at the beginning of the 50 hours challenge. The track will not be evaluated until the documents are signed and received.

N. For being eligible for the Challenge:
  1. The song should be an original work of creation of the team and should not infringe any third – party’s rights.
  2. It must be suitable for publication.
  3. Must not contain any material that hurts or violates someone’s personal rights, religious beliefs, incites violence or creates derogatory remarks about someone’s sexuality or belief.
  4. Must not invade privacy or other rights of a person, firm or entity.
  5. Must not in any other way violate applicable laws and regulations; and must not contain any copyrighted elements not owned by the team.
  6. Songs containing prohibited or inappropriate content as determined by IFP in its sole discretion will be disqualified.
  7. Using sound samples and sampling from already existing songs is prohibited. However, royalty-free sound samples are allowed.

O. India Film Project and Project parties may, in their sole discretion, disqualify songs deemed to be inappropriate or otherwise non-compliant.

P. India Film Project team may add to or amend these rules at any time prior to the beginning of the music challenge, without informing the participants.

Q. I am not from India. Can I participate?
A. Yes. IFP is a globally participated challenge and people from all over the world participate each year. However, your song can only be in English or Hindi.

Q. Is there a registration fee?
A. Yes, there is a registration fee of INR 1000 (USD 15). The payment is to be made online to confirm your registration. You will receive a unique Creator ID once the registration is confirmed.

Q. What should be the duration of the song?
A. The song should be a minimum of 3 minutes and a maximum of 5 minutes.

Q. Does the maximum length of the song include credits?
A. No, the maximum length of the song does not include credits. The 20 seconds credits are excluded from the maximum limit.

Q. Can I use more than one genre?
A. No. You can only use one genre.

Q. Can my song only be music or only be vocals?
A. No. Your song needs to have music and lyrics as a part of composition.

Q. Can I modify the song after the challenge?
A. Yes, you can modify the song but the title track saying “the song was made for IFP – 50 Hour Music Challenge” should be there in the song.

Q. Can I participate in multiple challenges at IFP?
A. Yes, with the same email ID and password, you can participate in as many IFP challenges. However, each challenge will have a separate fees and you will receive a separate Creator ID.

Q. Who will judge my song?
A. Your song will be judged by an eminent pre-jury and jury with rich industry experience. The finalists will meet the Jury for mentoring session where they will become performance ready.

Q. Can I use a stock sound?
A. No pre-recorded sound can be used in the song.

Q. Is there a limit on the number of instruments we can use?
A. No, there is no limit on the number of instruments used.

Q. Can we have additional singers in our team?
A. The total number of people in your team including singers cannot exceed 10.

Q. Can I modify my team after I have registered?
A. Yes. You can modify your team anytime before the final submission. In case you have changes in your team during the 50 hour challenge, the same can be changed till submission.

Q. How can I modify my team?
A. On IFP’s official website, go to the 50 Hour Music Challenge page and click on ‘Register/Edit Profile’. On the right hand corner, you will find the ‘Edit Profile’ button on the top right corner.

Q. Can we add our band Intro to the start/end of the song?
A. You can only add your band intro or any additional information to the song in the 20 seconds end credits.

Q. I am a participant from out of India. What standard time should we follow for the 50 Hours?
A. The standard time for the challenge will be Indian Standard Time.

Q. What can be the team size?
A. A team can have a minimum of 1 person and a maximum of 10 people. Each team member will receive an E-certificate from India Film Project.

Q. What language should my song be in?
A. The song can be in Hindi or English language. However, you are free to use a word or two of your regional language.

Q. What about our song after the challenge?
A. You can use the song in various ways, once the final results are announced at the festival. Only to keep in mind the opening track saying “This song was made for IFP – 50 Hour Music challenge.” - The participants will also have to inform India Film Project wherever the song is used commercially.

Q. I can’t find a team member. Can IFP help?
A. You can download the IFP App from here. IFP app is a free place for you to find relevant people from your city. Each year, hundreds of teams use app to find new talent and collaborate.

Q. Can I sponsor this event?
A. Please mail us at [email protected]

Q. Is it compulsory for me to upload song lyrics?
A. Yes. The lyrics have to be typed in Courier font and in the font size 12. The lyrics should be converted to PDF before submission. (Download Sample Lyrics Sheet from here for your reference)

Q. Where do I upload my song and lyrics?
A. The upload link will be sent to the Team Leader’s email at the beginning of the challenge

Q. Do I need to sign a Creator Agreement?
A. Yes. Everyone who participates in the 50 Hour Music Challenge needs to sign a creator’s agreement. The agreement will help protect your rights as a creator and our rights as a platform.

Q. How are the songs going to be judged?
A. The submitted songs will be judged on the following criterias - Creativity, Melody, Lyrics, Structure and Adherence to the theme.

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