Here’s your chance to present your story and not only meet but also be mentored by India’s finest actors like Ayushmann Khurrana, Rajkummar Rao and Tamanna Bhatia. Submit your story in 2,000 words and get it produced into a short film. It’s time to get your talent recognized and make your mark!


As we embark on another Masterclass journey full of Passion stories, fun conversations and star studded evenings, we try to make it a little more engaging. This time, the dais is yours. The story is yours. The stage is set and our stars are waiting to hear from you. And there’s no fee to submit your story!

Signature Masterclass

THEME (Choose any one)

1. Signature story Inspired by real life
2. “….and this is how I found the extraordinary from my ordinary life”
3. When you make your mark in the world
4. Stranger than Fiction



1. Last date of submission is March 31, 2020
2. Participant should be above age of 21
3. Participants can submit multiple entries
4. Participants should submit their story in either English or Hindi
5. Participants must develop the story based on pre-set and prescribed themes.
6. The submitted story should be of maximum 2,000 words.
7. The story should not contain any material which is offensive, derogatory, explicit or perverse to any specific race, gender or class of persons or degrading to public conscience or morals and / or is not in conformity with Indian sentiments.
8. Entries for the Contest will be judged based on creativity, engagement, storytelling skills, use of language and structure by Diageo India.
9. The winner shall be informed about his/her selection through email / leaderboard section on the Contest page / website.
10. The Organizers further reserve the right to change the mechanisms for notifying the Participants about the Contest and/or the prizes.

WINNERS (Till now. Announcing next set of winners on March 31, 2020)

Round 1:
Ashish Choudhary (Winner)
Rohan Pawar
Chirag Kotian

Round 2:
Ankur Singh (Winner)
Diwakar Abhishek
Shantanu Monga

Round 3:
Dayanand TK (Winner)
Arindam Chatterjee
Lalit Kumar

Round 4:
Prememndra Sawant (Winner)
Devrupa Rakshit
Nishant Mishra