by Ritam Bhatnagar

Founder, India Film Project


Batch 3 - Jan 4 to 7 (6:30 to 8:30pm)

Welcome to a bootcamp which is different, where you don't learn theory but from my 10+ years of practical real-life sales experiences and sales driven startup journey.

In last 10 years, I have done sales running in multi-crores with over 100+ leading brands in India and abroad,
built over 12,000 solid leads and found hacks and tools that increased my efficiency by over 160%,
just by right processes, tools and mindset.

This bootcamp is for you if you are a..


✓ Build a simple but dependable sales mechanism using basic tools.

✓ Generate business from non-referrals and new territories

✓ Learn to independently sell your skills and monetize to your true potential

Startup Founder

✓ Generate continuous quality leads even when you are asleep through outbound efforts.

✓ Develop skills to negotiate better, demand higher and close faster.

✓ Bring more 'process' in your Sales.

Artist or Creator

✓ Break your dependencies on third party for getting business

✓ Use simple and free tools to get more inquiries

✓ Explore revenues from businesses outside your geography, across the world.

Agency Head

✓ Generate B2B Leads like a charm

✓ Optimize your sales funnel that leads to higher conversion.

✓ Learn nuances about preparing for meetings, researching about leads and more.

Corporate Employee

✓ Better understand your organization's sales process

✓ Contribute to your sales team's effort by understanding the basics

✓ Learn tools that help you track and measure sales metrics.


✓ Adopt a tested sales process to get more clients continuously

✓ Stand out from your competitors by getting clients from targeted geographies

✓ Invest your time in your core business activity while tools get you more clients

Sales Person

✓ Update your current funnel and process to become more efficient

✓ Learn about tools that are free and take care of your repetitive work.

✓ Learn how to build a sales team and set targets


✓ Get noticed by investors and donors using inbound sales.

✓ Reach out to right audiences through targeted outbound efforts

✓ Build dependable yet free process using automated tools.

and for account managers, customer service managers and students aspiring to startup who want to learn the
process of sales and skills for selling.

Some of the things you will learn at this Bootcamp to god speed your sales..

Crisp your existing Sales Process

From building your sales funnel and applying it to your offering - and see the magic unfold as a 'good process' pushes the revenue up!

Generate Quality Leads that Monetize

My recipe to gathering leads through inbound and outbound method - that will help you push more leads in to your funnel and close even more deals.

Sales Decks that guarantee Interest

Learn the art and science of creating decks that are highly engaging, sales driven, interactive, and hit the sweet spot.

Cracking the Decision Maker

Did you know that clicking with the right decision maker increases your chance of closing the deal by whooping 33%. 

15 Hacks to Negotiate like a Pro

Don't we hate when our deal gets stuck at negotiation? Learn how to break the wall and clinch a deal.

Tools that Multiply your Sales

Using custom tools that give you insights, data and even leads at minimal investment.

Rework your Messaging

Small words in sales play a huge role in changing the perception. Change your communication to sell more.

Building your Brand Story

Making your offering more likeable by creating a strong narrative around your brand.

Selling in times of Covid

Instead of selling on the edge, understanding the current psyche to sell in these times.

as well as Developing the sales mindset and sales language, Understanding Lead Nurturing,
Building a Sales Team, Knowing a CRM and much more.

About Me

I was 21 when I founded India Film Project. At 23, I closed my first 3 year sponsorship deal with a national brand.

At 24, I got incubated at IIM Ahmedabad.

By 30, I had worked with over 100+ national and international brands and generated sales running into multi crores for IFP.

How did I do that? I put all my energy as a founder in doing sales - 10 hours a day, 365 days a year. I was taught about Sales in my MBA and guess what? None of it helped me when I was building my startup. I learnt it all my way with failed deals, over-commitments gone wrong, win-lose negotiations, communicating poorly and inefficient sales process in my early days as well as reading tens of books, watching tons of videos and trying hundreds of tools - that helped me build my own processes which I'll be sharing in the bootcamp.

Brands I've closed deals with..

and over 60 more brands..

Why am I doing this Bootcamp?

Sales has been something very close to my heart. It excites me everytime I speak to a lead, send a proposal, negotiate and close a deal. Everytime I close a deal, I reward myself with things I love.

I see a lot of friend-founders and freelancers around me who struggle to sell, because they never formally invested time in learning sales. I also believe that a lot of learnings in sales happen through experiences like failed deals, over-commitments gone wrong sharing and not theoretically.

I believe sharing my experience of working with over 200+ people and closing over 120 deals and building relationships that pushed IFP to become one of the youngest and successful experimental media company across Asia - will help many in growing better and faster.


Freelancers and Companies I've consulted to build their sales strategies


Talks and Workshops at companies and colleges including IIM-A


Colleges I've been visiting faculty for entrepreneurship and sales

Limited Seats Remaining

Because of the format of Bootcamp, we have limitations in accommodating the intake. This will help us improve pedagogy as well as everyone's experience.

  • Applications are on first-come-first-serve basis.
  • Only one person is allowed to attend per registration
  • The investment is not refundable
  • In case if you are unavailable to attend, you can transfer your registration to a friend or next batch. Just inform us with updated contact details.

For more details, write to me at [email protected]



Rs. 4960

Your investment inclusive of 18% GST.
GST input credit available.



Jan 4 to 7 - Tue to Fri, 6:30pm to 8pm

I want to try before signing up!

Try the first day of Bootcamp on Jan 4 and then make a decision about attending for the remaining 3 days.

Investment - Rs. 590 for Day 1 (Jan 4)

Need more details before registering?

Drop your contact information and we'll send you an email with..

  • Bootcamp content - For you to figure tens of things that you'll learn from my 10+ years of experience.

  • What's in it for you and how can you make the most of it.

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What previous attendees had to say!

"This is a perfect
sales class."

Roshan Abbas

MD, Geometry Encompass, Kommune

There is no one word to sum it up because it was Intense, Intelligent and Impactful.

It was very personal with a lot of real life nuances.

Know more about Roshan

"Significantly reduced my cost of learning sales.."

Yash Shah

CEO, Clientjoy

It was actionable and seemed like a genuine conversation I was having with someone who has mastered sales with ten years of experience.

It was a box full of insights.

Know more about Yash

"Every aspect of sales got covered here.."

Tuhin Paul

Co-founder, Menstrupedia

I could take all of it as a framework that I can easily implement in sales in my organization.

The most paisa vasool bootcamp I've ever attended.

Know more about Tuhin

"It is 10/10 for everyone doing B2B Sales.."

Manav Joshi

Student Brand Manager, Redbull

The depth of the bootcamp is another level altogether.

If you are expecting a 4 day bootcamp with 2 hours every day, this is much more than that.

Know more about Manav

I want personal consulting instead of Bootcamp

I have worked with over 45+ startups, young businesses and freelancers in optimizing their sales process, building smart funnels and planning effective communication.

FAQs that landed in my inbox!

What this Bootcamp is not

It's not an upsell program. I don't believe in teaching half heartedly to upsell any other course.

It's not meant for Sales professionals with over 15 years of experience.

Ritam Bhatnagar | India Film Project | [email protected]