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Scripts that move the world, and hearts!

Over 2,100 writers participated across last 3 years from over 260 cities and 19 countries. The scripts were read by some of the most influential and enthusiastic scriptwriters, screenwriters and authors who cam on-board as jury members.

Read below the synopsis from winning scripts.

Season 9

Theme - Old School Love in Time of Technology

Delivery Boy

Platinum Script Of The Year
Writer - Hareesh Konduru, Hyderabad, India

Synopsis - A delivery boy from 2074, who usually delivers across the time, took an highly complicated project because of his hatred towards his time's insensitive relations. He ended up in wrong place and wrong time, where he met a guy whose love towards his wife became so admirable to delivery boy he took a delivery job for him, which might have a life risk.


Gold Script Of The Year
Writer - Kashyap Pavra, Ahmedabad

Synopsis - Rahul a college guy has crush on Sunaina, but he lacks the skills to impress her, but luckily the god of love, Cupid himself has decided to help Rahul. The cupid feels that today's generation has become dependent on technology so much that the old ways have been forgotten, which used to work like charm and showed affection in a glorious way. So by using Cupid's way of love, Rahul tries to impress Sunaina


Silver Script Of The Year
Writer - Aftab Ali, Mumbai

Synopsis: 16 year old Aqeel has just fallen prey to the biggest evil of digital love and it couldn’t have come at a worse time - plum in the middle of his board exams! But when a Stranger from the future grabs his hand, his entire world turns upside down. And now, in order to save his one true love - Aqeel has to go old school. Because #Yolo: You Only Love Once.

War, or Peace?

Bronze Script Of The Year
Writer - Vishal Tiwari, Howrah

Synopsis: Arjun, a charming guy with loads of followers gets too self-aware as he reaches to a book store for a blind date with Disha set up by his friends. Disha, an asocial woman without any social media account or a phone number waits for him near the Tolstoy's section reading war and peace. After a humble greeting they grab a cuppa and sit down together in a coffee shop located in the store. Every day they go up to the book store after their respective shifts and put the letters inside the book... until the day someone finally buys it (if anyone ever does so)

To Bae or Not to Bae

#5 Script Of The Year
Writer - Sharada S, Mumbai

Synopsis: Ansh, a GenX collegian and successful YouTuber, has a huge crush on his fellow mate, Zeel. His friends label her ‘uncool’ due to her absence on social media. That same fateful night, in his dream, he time travels to a dystopian future, where collegians rate each other on superfluous basis. Ansh experiences firsthand a social boycott when his ‘smart’ device fails. In his forced isolation, he encounters Zeel, who is also a technological outcast. Later, when his device is repaired, Artificial Intelligence warns him that she belongs to the ‘loser’ category. Any contact with her would lower his social standing. It piques her interest and gives her an idea for her own Psychology project. He has made a friend, ‘offline’.

Season 8

Theme - Modern Day Love


Platinum Script Of The Year
Writer - Ramakanth K, Pune

Synopsis - Meera and Akil, in a live in relationship look at adopting a baby. They cannot agree on things and question what they want to do. Their work keeps them apart on occasions to give them time to figure out future. They love their time together in between work craziness and travel. Adopting a baby becomes a mjor hurdle for both of them. Having options confuses Akil in deciding the future. What will they do for each other to show their love?

Songs of Innocence

Gold Script Of The Year
Writer - Smera Juneja, Mumbai

Synopsis - Somil, a ten-year-old boy is listening to a Spanish song while writing down some words in a book. Somil blushes and runs out to the bakery to Mrs. D’Souza and pleads her to teach him English. At first she is reluctant but eventually agrees. Next morning, Somil is well dressed and anxious. But she looks at him blankly and reveals that she is French and doesn’t understand English properly. Somil laughs nervously and runs away. We later see that Somil listening to a French Opera song, trying to learn the words.

Happy Birthday

Silver Script Of The Year
Writer - Rujuta Deshpande, Seattle, USA

Synopsis - Anuradha is anxious about her forthcoming arranged marriage to Arun. Overwhelmed by the prospect of post-marital intimacy, she voices her insecurities about her body and her inexperience to her best friend, Manju.  The next morning Arun and his family visit Anu’s family. When Arun asks Anu if she’d like to attend a new couple’s sexual counseling session with him, Anu realizes that Arun had indeed seen the message. He not only understands her insecurities, but wants to be there for her. Anu gains confidence that their union can indeed blossom.

Love at First Blind

Bronze Script Of The Year
Writer - Ashish Godya, Salem

Synopsis - A simple paradoxical love story where two random neighbors meet per chance for the first time. One uses technology to avoid the world while the other uses it to connect to the world, meet in the most conventional way, on a train and start up a conversation. in this day and age of online dating, it's a pleasant experience to see two people who live so close by, end up never meet but by chance, as the story unfolds, bringing to light how technology helps those with disabilities fr some time feel like normal people.

The Blind Sight

#5 Script Of The Year
Writer - Manpreet Dhami, Barabanki

Synopsis - A guy and a girl in their early days of relationship go to a park to spend some quality time. But there is a fear of people intruding their privacy which brings awkwardness between them .They try to ignore the people around them to make sure that the weird situation thus created does not affect them. On failing , they come up with their own unique way to bypass their fear.

Season 7

Theme - Over the Edge

The Last Letter

Platinum Script Of The Year
Writer - Vishal Jejurkar, Nashik

Synopsis - Mohan is Gay, he is 60 years old, lives in Mumbai, and he is still in the closet. The days in which he grew included times when different sexualities & lifestyle were neither understood nor tolerated. He got married to a girl, and in a few years, the distance between between them grew wider. Eventually, as the gramophone arrives, Mohan has to make a choice, either return to his fantasy world or face his fears and come out of the closet to live the remaining days of his life being himself.

Mirza's Friend Ghalib

Gold Script Of The Year
Writer - Anupam Sen Gupta, New Delhi

Synopsis - Mirza 54, is an aspirational film maker who works with a small stationery shop in the business district of Mumbai as a helper to support himself. He is an introvert and doesn't have friends or acquaintances. He doesn't speak at all. The only time he does is when he talks to an unknown friend and mentor on the phone at night and discusses his scripts. As he doesn't open his door one day till late morning, the neighbours of the slum call the police and open to find Mirza dead. After the post-mortem, the police find no foul play but remain confused that Mirza's phone never had any connection.

The Empty Patch

Silver Script Of The Year
Writer - Suraj Patil, Pune

Synopsis - Shubham is an introverted college student whose best friend is a girl named Saili. One day, Shubham is discussing or rather having a monolgue about Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose with his two roommates. He wishes to meet his hero but thinks that is impossible, little did he know what providence has planned for him. A girl who had never missed a single day of college was away for a month and nobody knew where she had gone. He goes to meet her and is confused when she behaves as if they haven't met in a long time. Saili asks him to help her out with borrowing an item from a place which blows his mind away.


Bronze Script Of The Year
Writer - Neel Nakra, Navi Mumbai

Synopsis - In a dystopian future, a young - tech addict, Harsh, becomes a victim of anxiety disorder. His parents, for his recovery, put him through a severe treatment, without his consent. Things don't go as intended and Harsh, eventaully finds himself locked in a room without any access to the world outside or his phone. The circumstances put his disorder to the worst of the test which eventually drive him over the edge.

Papa ki Coffee

#5 Script Of The Year
Writer - Arun Duvva, Bangalore

Synopsis - The ever-smiling and goofy Mr. Jain always wanted his last rites to be performed in Dwarka. The ever - smiling and goofy son, Ajit Jain, wants to fulfil his goofy father's request. However, the Universe has failed his plans to keep the dead Mr. Jain close to what he always loved the most.

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