Mixers at India Film Project

A habitat for creative dialogue.

An invite only space for creators to discuss, share and appreciate different opinions about their field of work. Imagine a room of several filmmakers together - passionately discussing various topics and trends of filmmaking - Yes! That’s what Mixers are all about.

Mixers are designed with an aim to get the community together in a way, to ensure appreciation and discussion of diverse views regarding their similar field of work.

April Edition - Saturday 17th
Filmmaking Mixer - 4 to 5pm
Scriptwriting Mixer - 5:30 to 6:30pm

A Discussion Space for Handpicked Creators.

The Virtual Space for Discussion would be attended by various participants, handfully curated by IFP. A creator from our own community would be facilitating the 60-Minute Forum; ensuring a healthy, constructive and creative discussion.

IFP Mixers are the perfect opportunity for you to broaden your creative horizons as well as you get your voice heard. A space where you converse with experienced practitioners from your industry and engage in meaningful, relevant conversations

Mixers are not a paid space and open for creators of all ages.


Application Deadline - April 15, 11pm

 - Mixer is open for all creator’s Invite Only Discussion Space. Our main aim behind this initiative is to connect the community together to appreciate and discuss diverse opinions and views in different fields of art.

 - The participants would be selected through the registration form. Criteria for selection: Work Profile and Responses.

 - It will be a 60-minute space, lead by a facilitator where 4 topics would be discussed. 

 - At once, few selected people would have speaking rights. Other participants would have to raise their hand or comment to demand the same. Team IFP would be available for the facilitation.

 - Maintain the decorum of this discussion space. Any kind of inappropriate action verbally or visually would face strict action.

 - Any amount of spamming, verbal spat would not be allowed. The participant would be removed from the space. 

 - We aim to host an open to receive discussion space where creators discuss and share their personal opinions and views.

 - If as a participant, you face certain offensive or inappropriate behavior in the space. Please report to [email protected]

 - Share your experience and outcomes of the space with us by tagging India Film Project (@indiafilmproject) on Instagram.

Q. What medium is this event being scheduled on?
A. The event will be conducted via Zoom App.

Q. What are the criteria for selection?
A. Major criteria for selection include your creative portfolio and your responses to the Mixer Onboarding Form.

Q. How will I, as a participant, know if I am Selected for Mixer?
You will receive an email from India Film Project 24 Hours Prior to the Mixer with all the details as well as link to join.

Q. Will I get a chance to share my views and opinions?
A. Yes, space is for everyone participating to share their views and have a fruitful discussion. All you are required to be is proactive and attentive.

Q. Who will be moderating the discussion?
A. A Creator of our own IFP community selected by the India Film project would be moderating the space. 

Q. What kind of space should I expect as a participant?
A. You, as a participant, would lead the conversational space on the guiding questions/topic provided by India Film Project. It is completely on you as a participant to make the best out of this networking space.

Q. What is the duration of each space?
A. It will be a 60-minute space, covering 4 topics.

Q. What kind of creator could apply for this space?
A. If you are a creator who has created an art piece in any of the creative fields - You can apply for Mixer.

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