GoPro at IFP Season X

The minds behind the world’s most versatile action cameras have a challenge for you.

Submit your GoPro Video. Show your skills. Win.


No Genre. No Theme. No registration fees, just 100 percent shot on GoPro, anyone is free to participate and winners get a brand new GoPro HERO9 Black.

Last date to Submit your Video - October 15, 2020

Participate and Win

  • First Winner takes home GoPro HERO9 Black
  • Second Winner takes home GoPro MAX
  • Third Winner gets GoPro HERO7 Silver

The Top 5 Winners will get GoPro SWAG kits & one-on-one mentoring session with Team GoPro & IFP.

The winner will be announced on 25th October 2020 at IFP X Virtual Festival & IFP's Social Media Platforms.

GoPro Hero 9 at IFP

Submit your Video Here

Submit your video's Youtube link or Google Drive shareable link.


Register for Free GoPro Virtual Workshop

Here's your chance to learn from the masters | Sep 24, 4:30pm 


Ron NG - GoPro India

Ron NG

Regional GoPro Trainer

Yatish Suvarna - GoPro Speaker

Yatish Suvarna

Head of Communications and Training, GoPro India


Each video has to be shot from the GoPro device only.
Social distancing and safety measures for the COVID- stricken world are non-negotiable.
Teams can use pre-recorded music provided the team has the copyright to the music. If teams are unable to compose or have any original music, they can use copyright-free music in the film. However, if the film/video demands and the team use a Copyrighted Track, it can be only used up to a maximum of 15 seconds along with a compulsory mention to composer and music link in the end credit of the film/video.
The length of the Film/Video should be maximum up to 3 Minutes.
GoPro and Project Parties may, in their sole discretion, disqualify films deemed to be inappropriate or otherwise non-compliant.
Any disrespect to a particular person, violence, hatred, or obscene in its nature or targeting any particular community will not be qualified in the challenge.
Any film/video irrespective of any language should have English subtitles added into the film/video.
The deadline for submitting your entry for the challenge is 23:59 PM, 15th October 2020. No entries would be accepted after the deadline. 
Participants can submit their video directly through a YouTube link or Google Drive Shareable link
Participants can also submit pre-recorded videos to participate in the GoPro Challenge. Required that the entire video is shot on a GoPro Device.
Participants can submit multiple entries for the GoPro Challenge. 
If there are no dialogues in your video/film, There is no requirement of subtitles.
The Rules mentioned above are created by IFP for the GoPro Challenge.


Which Device can be used for participating in the GoPro challenge?
Only GoPro devices should be used to make videos, the entire video should be shot on a GoPro.

What language must my film/video be in? Do I need to add subtitles?
Any language can be used in the video, but each video irrespective of any language should have English subtitles. 

What is the theme and genre to follow for the challenge?
There is no specific theme or genre to follow, video can be of any theme or of any genre.

What is the duration of the film/video?
The films are to be made for a maximum duration of 3 minutes.

What kind of background music can I use for my film/video?
You are encouraged to work with local composers and musicians to write and compose music for your film/video. You can use pre-recorded music provided that you have the copyright to the music. For more info on these please refer to the rules of the challenge.

Are there any restrictions with respect to participating in the challenge?
No, there are no restrictions for participation. Anyone can participate in the challenge. 

What is the Registration fees for participating in the GoPro Challenge?
GoPro challenge is completely free to participate. There is no registration fee.

What is the deadline to submit to my entry for the challenge?
The deadline to submit your entry for the GoPro Challenge is 23:59, 15th October 2020.

How do I submit my entry for the GoPro Challenge?
You can submit your GoPro challenge directly by sharing a youtube link or a shareable google drive link into the required submission form.

Can I submit more than one video for the GoPro Challenge?
Yes, Indeed. Multiple entries are accepted for the GoPro Challenge.

Can I submit a pre-recorded video as my entry to the GoPro Challenge?
Yes, You can submit a pre-recorded video for the GoPro Challenge, Only If the Pre-Recorded video is completely shot on a GoPro device.

Do I need to put subtitles even if I have no dialogues in my video? No, if there are no dialogues in your video, there is no requirement of subtitles.

When will my prizes is going to be shipped?
Prizes will be shipped in the month of November 2020 to all the winners.

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