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Vaibhav Munjal

Vaibhav Munjal


Vaibhav Munjal is a filmmaker who has been making short films for the last six years and has made more than a dozen short films. He is also the founder of Chalchitra Talks, a Youtube platform where he recommends films to watch every week. His basic ideology for short filmmaking is very much influenced by the Stanley Kubrick film school, that is to go out there and make your own film. Other than Kubrick, his other inspirations come from almost all filmmakers who did not wait for big studio houses to greenlit their work, but who went out there, as foot soldiers of indie cinema, to fight their own battles and make their own independent films.

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Season 9 - Day 1 12 Oct 2019
05:00 pm-05:50 pm

Getting your Film's Tone Right