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Raja Sen

Raja Sen

Film Critic

One of India's most outspoken film critics, Raja Sen pivoted to writing about streaming entertainment four years ago and -- with 200+ columns in the Mint Lounge newspaper -- is one of the few people writing consistently about both Indian and international streaming content. As a critic, he attempts to hold India's burgeoning content industry to a higher standard. He writes about cinema, culture and motorsport for various publications. His first book, The Best Baker In The World, is an illustrated, all-ages adaptation of The Godfather, and he is currently working on the screenplay for a film as well as his first series.

All Sessions by Raja Sen

Season 6 01 Oct 2016
04:00 pm-05:00 pm

Split Personality

Stage 2
Season 10 - Day 4 25 Oct 2020
11:15 am-12:15 pm

The OTT Show: Are all movies going to be OTT movies now?

Stage 1
Season 8 - Day 1 13 Oct 2018
03:00 pm-03:50 pm

Book in focus: Travails with the Alien by Satyajit Ray - The book about film that was never made.

Stage 1
04:00 pm-04:50 pm

Year in Review: Film and Web

Stage 3
Season 7 - Day 2 01 Oct 2017
12:00 pm-01:00 pm

Humor: Have we Taken It Too Far?

Stage 1
01:00 pm-02:00 pm

Blurring Lines between Commercial and Parallel Cinema

Stage 1