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Rahul Desai

Rahul Desai

Film & TV Critic

A film & TV critic (Film Companion) and columnist (The Hindu), Rahul Desai writes about everything cinematic under Mumbai's hot sun, including short films, web shows and desi B-movies. When he isn't writing, you can find him losing in Fantasy League sports and in obscure countries identifying locations of the films he writes about.

All Sessions by Rahul Desai

Season 9 - Day 2 13 Oct 2019
01:00 pm-01:50 pm

AMA with Film Critics

Path to Passion
Season 8 - Day 2 14 Oct 2018
01:00 pm-01:50 pm

Catching up with shorts

Stage 2
Season 8 - Day 1 13 Oct 2018
02:00 pm-02:50 pm

Mindie Film Warriors: Making Good Film with Little Money

Stage 1
04:00 pm-04:50 pm

Year in Review: Film and Web

Stage 3
Season 7 - Day 2 01 Oct 2017
04:00 pm-05:00 pm

Long Story Short - Screening

Stage 3