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Nirmika Singh

Nirmika Singh

Executive Editor, Rolling Stone India

Nirmika Singh is a multi-faceted creative leader based in Mumbai. A renowned music critic and journalist with a decade of experience, she is also an accomplished poet and lyricist. Nirmika has to her name several collaborations with celebrated composers such as A.R. Rahman and Clinton Cerejo, among others. A leading tastemaker and authority in India’s music and entertainment space, Nirmika currently holds the position of Executive Editor at Rolling Stone India. She also leads the Hindi poetry series #AurSuno which has garnered tremendous success online, thanks to its heartwarming and inspirational themes and Nirmika's signature performance style which fuses spoken word and solo theatre.

All Sessions by Nirmika Singh

Season 10 - Day 2 23 Oct 2020
05:15 pm-06:15 pm

Finding your sound and experimenting wih it

Stage 1
Season 9 - Day 1 12 Oct 2019
02:00 pm-02:50 pm

Awaam ki Awaaz: India's Music Sensations

Hall of Passion
Season 8 - Day 2 14 Oct 2018
02:00 pm-02:50 pm

Year in Review: Music

Stage 2
05:00 pm-05:50 pm

Indie Music - Where does our industry go beyond punjabi music?

Stage 2