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Nirali Kartik

Nirali Kartik


Nirali Kartik is a Hindustani classical vocalist from Mumbai. A recipient of the Shreshtha Sadhak Award by the Gujarat Sangeet Natak Academy and the Guru Gangadhar Prashan award, Nirali represents the venerable tradition of Indian Classical music. Her strong dedication to the perfect riyaz, her mellifluous voice coupled with a strong vocal technique, has seen her perform at some of the biggest stages in Indian Classical Music, like Saptak Music Festival, Tana Riri Festival, National Music Festival, Meru Concerts, at the India International Centre and the India Habitat Centre and many more.

All Sessions by Nirali Kartik

Season 8 - Day 1 13 Oct 2018
01:00 pm-01:50 pm

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Stage 1
Season 7 - Day 2 01 Oct 2017
04:00 pm-05:00 pm

Music Takes the Traffic

Stage 2