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Hitesh Kewalya

Hitesh Kewalya

Director & Screenwriter

Hitesh Kewalya's films have brought sexuality down from a high pedestal to our drawing room conversations. Whether it’s a soggy biscuit to depict erectile dysfunction or a same sex kiss in Bhartiya Railway, Writer and Director Hitesh Kewalya aspires to always find a quirky, light-hearted way to start difficult conversations and portray failings and triumphs of relationships and the human spirit

All Sessions by Hitesh Kewalya

Season 10 - Day 3 24 Oct 2020
10:00 am-11:00 am

Jury Interactions Scriptwriting Winners Ceremony

Stage 2
03:00 pm-04:00 pm

The Representation Conversation: Who gets to tell what stories?

Stage 2
Season 10 - Day 2 23 Oct 2020
05:15 pm-06:15 pm

Scripting Success!

Stage 3
Season 8 - Day 1 13 Oct 2018
02:00 pm-02:50 pm

The Write thing: The Best Screenwritings of 2018

Stage 3