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Brodha V

Brodha V

Rapper & Producer

Brodha V is India's finest English Rapper, with hits such as Aigiri Nandini, Vainko, Nachne ka Shaunq, and Way Too Easy under his belt. He is not just a rapper, but also a lyricist and producer extraordinaire. Having grown up under the influence of Carnatic classical music being constantly played in his house, he composes his tunes with a distinctive classical flow, bridging two cultures into a melody. As an independent artist, Brodha V believes that good music does not require a record label to become successful. From creating independent content to promoting oneself, artists don’t need labels to play their music.

All Sessions by Brodha V

Season 10 - Day 2 23 Oct 2020
05:15 pm-06:15 pm

Finding your sound and experimenting wih it

Stage 1