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Apurva Asrani

Apurva Asrani

Filmmaker & Editor

Apurva is a National Award-winning Editor and Filmmaker, whose body of work includes the films CityLights, Children of War, Satya, Snip!- for which he won the National Award for Best Editing. He has also written the screenplay for the films Shahid and Simran and worked in the capacity of editor and writer on the film Aligarh.

All Sessions by Apurva Asrani

Season 10 - Day 3 24 Oct 2020
03:00 pm-04:00 pm

The Representation Conversation: Who gets to tell what stories?

Stage 2
Season 9 - Day 2 13 Oct 2019
10:00 am-10:50 am

Scriptwriting challenge winner announcement

Season 9 - Day 1 12 Oct 2019
04:00 pm-04:50 pm

Cultural Impact: What is the Key to Creating Authentic and Real LGBTQ Characters on Screen

Season 7 - Day 1 30 Sep 2017
01:00 pm-02:00 pm

No One is Writing

Stage 1