Work for some of India's most reputed brands in creating original content for them.

Are you a filmmaker or a writer looking to show your skills to millions? Work with some of the coolest brands at IFP and give your best shots. Your work not only reaches to millions through them but also helps you build your portfolio and earn.

What's in it for brands!

With a community of over 5.5 Lac creators, IFP has become one single platform for brands to find multitude of talent. The current community spans across filmmakers, writers, storytellers, designers, musicians, photographers, editors, cinematographers, actors, and many more, coming from over 290 cities and towns across country.

In an effort to create relevant content for brands, injecting variety of ideas, IFP works closely with them to understand their campaigns and suggest solutions that bring plethora of ideas at one single place.

Content that can be created involving IFP’s community of creator includes

Videos across various long and short formats
 - Visual Content
 - Stories, Copies and Tales
 - Music, Songs and Anthem
 - Graphics and Photos

In last 18 months, IFP has worked with 11 brands and 240 creators in producing over 192 pieces of content.

Reach us on [email protected] or call us on 9920996105

What's in it for creators

There are people looking to listen to your stories. Stories that are not cliche. Stories that are unheard of. That might sound ordinary, but it is not. Most of the brands understand the power of a different story. They are looking for you to tell one.

As a platform, we work closely with creators on brand assignments across various formats including brand films, web-series, tales, scripts, designs, photographs, songs, poems and much more. Every brand assignment is a paid and carries rewards beyond recognition and cheques.

Open for
- Filmmakers, Youtubers and Vloggers
- Writers and Copywriters
- Storytellers, Poets and Lyricists -
- Graphic designers
- Photographers
- Editors and Cinematographers
- Music Composers

Looking to work with us on branded content? Enroll below and join ever expanding creator’s community of IFPians.