Awards at India Film Project

50 Hour Filmmaking Challenge

– Winning films will be theatrically released in PVR Cinemas across Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad and Chandigarh.

– The top 15 films from each category will premiere on MTV on a weekend prime-time slot across duration of 6 months.

– Winners will get a special one-on-one mentoring session with one Jury member.

Following Awards will be given in these three categories individually – Professional, Amateur, and Mobile Filmmaking.

  • Platinum Film of the year
  • Gold Film of the year
  • Silver Film of the year
  • Bronze Film of the year
  • Best Film #5 of the year

Other Giveaways worth Rs. 10 Lacs:

  • This year along with the prestigious IFP trophies, we also have GoPro Action Cameras, Aputure Professional lights and Diety Professional Sound Mics for the 50 Hours Filmmaking Challenge Winners. 

Nikon Mirrorless Award:

  • Shoot your film on any mirrorless camera and get a chance to win ‘Special Award For Cinematography on Mirrorless’ along with Nikon Z6 with 24-70mm Lens and Mount Adapter FTZ

GoPro POV Challenge:

  • The best GoPro POV shot from the Professional or Amateur category films will win and take home the all new GoPro Fusion, the most versatile 360 action camera ever.

Adobe Premiere Pro Award:

  • Show your finest editing skills on Adobe Premiere Pro and win an award for ‘Best use of Editing on Adobe Premiere Pro’

Short Scriptwriting Challenge

Following Awards will be given in this challenge

  • Platinum Script of the year
  • Gold Script of the year
  • Silver Script of the year
  • Bronze Script of the year
  • Best Script #5 of the year

Other Awards:

  • Top 5 script synopsis will be narrated at the festival by the writers.
  • The winning script writers get a chance to present their winning scripts to producers at the festival and get them produced.
  • The Winning scriptwriters will also get a chance to be a part of Writing retreats and writing workshops with The Bound Writer’s Retreat and The Light Weaver.

Storytelling Challenge

  • The Top 10 participants will get a chance to perform at the festival.
  • The top 3 winning pieces will be uploaded on Kommune‘s YouTube Channel.
  • The Top 10 performed pieces will be re-recorded and uploaded on Storytel app as ‘Lyric Poetry’.

Poster Design Challenge

  • Top 10 Poster designers will win a pen-tablet from Wacom.
  • Top 30 posters will be exhibited/showcased at the festival.
  • Top 30 posters will be exhibited and sold at The Red Wolf’s Website. The winners will be remunerated a fees for every poster sold online.
  • Selected winners get a chance to intern with Mr. Raj Khatri.