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India Film Project Season 7
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Volunteer at IFP 2017

Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work with Asia’s Largest Filmmaking Event

This is your gate pass to work with some of the leading national artists, be a part of team which presents the magnanimous film property to Mumbai this year. Face the fanfare, excitement, intellect and adventure, working with India Film Project 2017 in September.



Volunteer Departments

Venue Management: To make sure every venue is ready prior to every event that is to take place in that particular area. With multiple venues to take care of, that too simultaneously at many instances, Volunteers will have to be on toes in handling the venue.

Transport and Logistics: This requires amazing organisational skill. The volunteers will be in charge of taking care of the celebrities’ itinerary, having them picked up and dropped from and to specific locations and making sure their commute is comfortable. Volunteers under this department will have to be quick on their feet to tackle any problem that may arise.

Information and Registration: Volunteers here will need to know of every schedule, every venue, every artist and the time and place where an event is to take place. They will have to be up-to-date with every change, so that they may inform the audience and provide assistance at any given point. Registration Volunteers will receive the audience, check for Identities and will also be in charge of registering and welcoming the guests.

Hospitality: Volunteers here need to ensure that all artists, crew members, and guests are well taken care of and their needs are met.

Backstage: Volunteers in this department will be right in the centre of the high voltage action that takes place at each show/performance/event. They need to be calm, unexcitable and ready to take charge at all times.

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