Rules and FAQs

A. Time Period
1. India Film Project filmmaking hours are scheduled to begin from September 16th, 8:00 pm onwards and end on September 18th,10:00 pm.
2. Participants need to submit their movie by the upload link provided in their registered mail ID.
3. Apart from Uploading the film, the teams are required to sign and submit the documents online.
4. The upload link will be sent as soon the competition begins and will be closed at the end of the competition.
5. Only films submitted before the deadline will be officially part of the competition.

B. Tasks – Each team has to perform following tasks in the given period of 50 hours.
1. Scripting
2. Casting
3. Location and Art Design
4. Shooting
5. Editing
6. Dubbing and Background Music
7. Color Correction and Rendering
8. Compressing below 300 MB
9. Uploading via link sent on registered mail ID.

C. However, the team can perform these tasks before the 50 hours period.
1. Organizing Crew
2. Organizing Cast
3. Securing Equipments
4. Scouting/Securing Locations

D. Entire film must be shot within the filmmaking period and the team needs to provide a proof as and when needed.
1. A team cannot use stock footage or footage created earlier.
2. Photographs can be used in a film, only if the team has the rights to use them.
E. Team members will get the theme online on September 16th, 2015, 8:00pm at official website
1. The theme of competition will be revealed through SMS, Email, Facebook and Twitter as well
2. Along with theme, 5 different genres will also be provided during the launch of competition.
3. Teams are free to choose any one genre. All teams are requested to get updates regarding the competition on Facebook page:

F. All team members must be volunteers.

G. For Amateur and Professional category, a team can use a DSLR camera or any type of video or film camera with atleast 720p video capture. For Mobile Filmmaking Competiton, a mobile camera with a minimum capture of 720p should be used. To assure noiseless sound quality, an external microphone should be used.

H. Teams are encouraged to work with a local composer and musicians to write and record music for the films. It is permissible for a participating group to use pre-recorded music; however the team must have the rights to any music used in its film.

I. The finished film must be a minimum of 4 minutes in duration, and a maximum of 6 minutes in duration—not including end credits.

J. End credits at the end of each film are limited to a maximum of 60 seconds. The 60 seconds is over and above the maximum length of 6 minutes.
1. The end credits must mention: “This film was made for India Film Project 2016″
2. Opening titles are considered to be part of the film, and hence count in total duration of your film.

K.The final video must be uploaded in MOV/MPEG-4/WMV format. Uploaded video should be strictly below 300 MB.
The film titles should have:
1. 5 seconds of black
2. A title card with : team name, Film name, Genre, and Year. (Mailed at beginning of competition)
3. 2 seconds of black
4. Your film

L. Each team must submit all the signed agreements for cast, crew, music and locations, etc within 3 days of uploading the film. All these documents will be sent to team leader via e-mail at the beginning of the competition. The film will not be selected until the documents are signed and received.

M. For being eligible for the Project:
1. Films must be the original work of the team and must not infringe third-party’s rights
2. Must be suitable for publication and not contain obscene or indecent material
3. Must not contain obscene or pornographic material; may not contain defamatory statements about any person, company, organization or entity
4. Must not invade privacy or other rights of any person, company or entity
5. Must not in any other way violate applicable laws and regulations;and may not contain any copyrighted elements not owned by the team.
6. Films containing prohibited or inappropriate content as determined by the IFP, in its sole discretion, to be inappropriate will be disqualified.

N. India Film Project and Project Parties may, in their sole discretion, disqualify Films deemed to be inappropriate or otherwise non-compliant.

O. India Film Project team may add to or amend these rules at any time prior to the beginning of the filmmaking period, without informing the participants.


What is the registration fees?

The registration fees for each team is Rs. 2500 for amateur and professional category and Rs. 1000 for Mobile filmmaking category. Fees can be paid online to confirm your team participation.

What are the films about?

IFP provides a competition theme, 5 minutes prior to the competition. Each team selects its Genre separately. The team has to make a film, adhering to the theme and the genre. However, creatively there are no limitations on the filmmaker, but competitional-constraints.

Who watches these films?

The films made at IFP are screened at the awards ceremony of the competition. The audience consists of Film buffs, participating teams and their family and friends. These films are also showcased on IFP website, youtube channel and various partner blogs. Filmmakers can also share these films across their circle.

Who is the filmmaker?

Anyone can be a filmmaker, who is between 4 years to 75 years. We encourage people who are amateur and are passionate about filmmaking.

What can be the team size?

A team can have minimum one person and maximum twenty participants. Each team member receives a certificate from India Film Project.

What will be the duration of the films?

These films are to be made between 4 to 6 minutes. This is because for a good film produced in this competition, 4 to 6 minutes is an ideal duration.

What about my film after the competition?

You can use your film in various ways, only to keep in mind that the film bears the credit “Made for India Film Project” in its title and end credits. For more details, read the team leader’s agreement sent to your team leader at the beginning of the competition.

Can I modify my film after the competition?

Of Course, you can modify the film post competition, but keeping the following in end credits. “This film was conceptualized for India Film Project”

Is this a competition?

Yes. This is a competition in which teams compete for title of best film as well as other runner-up awards

What are the prizes?

Each winning film will receive the prestigious IFP trophy and certificate of achievement for every team member. The teams also get a chance to work with some international and national brands to produce advertisements for them.

Can I sponsor this competition?

Please mail us your query at

Does the maximum length of the film include end credits?

No. Your film may be 6 minutes long and have one minute of end credits

Is footage allowed in end credits?

Yes, but see to it that the narration of story ends before it.

Can I use stock photos?

If you own the rights to the photo, you can use it.

Is animation allowed?

No. Animation is not allowed in any form in the film.

Can we include a title animation or our company logo film?

Yes you can use them, provided they are shorter than 10 seconds

Are Special Effects allowed?

Yes you can include special effect, but no stock footage maybe used for this. In-built plugins and effects of softwares may be used however

What should be shooting quality? Aspect Ratio? Sound?

You may shoot in MOV/MPEG-4 format, provided the resolution is either 720p or higher. The aspect ratio must be 16:9. The sound must be stereo.

What language must my film be in and do I need to subtitle my film?

Your film can be either in English or Hindi. In case your film is in any other language, please use subtitles.

What is Team Leader's Agreement?

Each team leader has to sign an agreement, which is legally binding. This agreement will be provided to team leader at the launch of competition through email. Any team leader not submitting the same will be held disqualified along with the team.

Do I need a Location Release to shoot on public property?

No, you need a location release only on privately held property. But we strongly recommend to take permit wherever necessary in the case of public property.

How do I upload my film faster?

We would recommend you to render the film at 720p for faster upload results. Also, keeping the film file size below 300 MB would make it easier

What if I am not able to upload the movie online in the given hours?

In that case, you will need to immediately inform the authorities at IFP. In genuine cases, we will give an extension of 12 hours to either upload the film or send it to stated address through DVD. The final decision will be in hands of IFP authorities to give an extension or disqualify.

What Format do I upload the film?

We shall need your film in MOV/MPEG-4/WMV format with a 720p or higher resolution while uploading. Link to upload your film will be sent to team leader at the beginning of the competition.

How do you judge so many films?

Each film, according to its category of participation, is sent to three different pre-juries for evalutaion, consisting of two people each. The cumulative score of the pre-juries is used to prepare a list of merit. The top 50 films from each category are sent to final jury for viewing and ranking.

Is the judging process transparent?

IFP being one of the leading competition of continent, we strive hard to make sure that justice is done to each and every film submitted. Hence, we have more than 50 eminent people who form our pre-jury and rank each film on various pre-defined parameters. Scores are given to each film by 3 or more pre-juries and these scores are available to team leader on genuine request. If the pre-jury believes a film is to be given benefit of doubt, the film is screened in front of 2 more pre-juries and cumulative score is added. To make sure we do not miss on any films, the IFP team also watches these films simultaneously and raises an issue internally if any flaws or biases are found in the process. The score of final jury viewing are also available to team leader on genuine requests. We do not entertain any requests for paid awards and neither in past nor in future shall we do so, to keep the spirit of competition alive.
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