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India Film Project Season 7
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Previous Winners – Short Scriptwriting


The Last Letter
Winner: Rank 1
Writer: Vishal Jejurkar

Mohan is gay, he is 60 years old, lives in Mumbai, and he is still in the closet. The days in which he grew included times when different sexualities & lifestyles were neither understood nor tolerated. He was a bit too coward to confront the society, so he let the “partly-blind” social norms guide his life. He got married to a girl, and in a few years, they had a daughter. He was never attracted towards his wife, and with each passing year, the distance between them grew wider. He had nowhere to release his sexual tension, and no one to talk about it. But over the years, Mohan managed to create a fantasy world around him to help him escape from reality and the society. His fantasy world was based on three key elements a gramophone, a rocking chair, and his wild imagination; he used to listen to music while sitting on his chair and fantasize the men he found attractive. To manage complexity in his life, he used to write anonymous letters and then post them without any address or stamp.
One day, while Mohan’s wife is cleaning the house, the gramophone accidentally falls to the ground, and along with that gramophone, Mohan’s fantasy world shatters to pieces. The repair shop asked for five days to repair the gramophone. In these five days, Mohan is now unable to escape to the insensitivity of his world. Things start falling apart, and Mohan realizes that he was a slave to the objects that launched him into his fantasy world and without them, he has become remarkably vulnerable. He struggles with the most mundane things that he managed to hide from all these years, he now starts to notice the things that were part of his life all along. He starts to see his world differently. Eventually, as the gramophone arrives, Mohan has to make a choice, either return to his fantasy world or face his fears and come out of the closet to live the remaining days of his life being himself.

Mirza’s Friend Ghalib
Winner: Rank 2
Writer: Anupam Sen Gupta

Mirza, 54, is an aspirant film maker who works with a small stationery shop in the business district of Mumbai as a helper to support himself. He is an introvert and doesn’t have friends or acquaintances. He doesn’t speak at all. The only time he does is when he talks to an unknown friend and mentor on the phone at night and discusses his scripts. As he doesn’t open his door one day till late morning, the neighbours of the slum call the police and break open to find Mirza dead. After post mortem, the police find no foul play but remain confused that Mirza’s phone never had any connection.

The Empty Patch
Winner: Rank 3
Writer: Suraj Patil

Shubham is an introverted college student whose best friend is a girl named Saili.

One day, Shubham is discussing or rather having a monologue about Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose with his two roommates. He wishes to meet his hero but thinks that it is impossible, little did he know what providence has planned for him.

He gets a call from his best friend who has been away a lot in the last few months. A girl who had never missed a single day of college was away for a month and nobody knew where she had gone.

He goes to meet her and he is confused when she behaves as if they haven’t met in a long time. Saili asks him to help her out with borrowing an item from a place which he hadn’t even imagined existed. From there they go on an adventure which blows his mind away.

Winner: Rank 4
Writer: Neel Nakra

In a dystopian future, a young-tech addict, Harsh, becomes a victim of anxiety disorder. His parents, for his recovery, put him through a severe treatment, without his consent. Things don’t go as intended and Harsh, eventually, finds himself locked in a room without any access to the world outside or his phone. The circumstances put his disorder to the worst of the tests which eventually drive him over the edge.

Papa Ki Coffee
Winner: Rank 5
Writer: Arun Duvva

The ever-smiling and goofy Mr.Jain always wanted his last rites to be performed in Dwarka. The ever-smiling and goofy son, Ajit Jain, wants to fulfill his goofy father’s request. However, the Universe has foiled his plans to keep the dead Mr. Jain close to what he has always loved the most.

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