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India Film Project Season 7
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Poster Design Competitive

Do you criticize every silly movie poster and know you can make something better than that? Believe us, this is the perfect place for you. Design a movie poster and compete with some of India’s leading designers. The top posters will be exhibited at the festival and even bought by the audience offline and online. What more? You get every rupee of poster sales for perpetuity.

Redesign a movie poster of any Hollywood or Bollywood film released in or after 1990 and show the world why you deserve to take the FAME!

The winning posters will be sold online on our platforms, and everytime someone buys it, you make money

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Last date to Submit – 31st August, 2017.
Registration fees – Rs. 500.
Entries Closed

Rules of this Competition

1. The poster can be designed on any movie of the participant’s choice, produced in or after 1990.
2. This is an exhibitive category. The best submitted posters will be exhibited at the festival to the audiences as well as online across IFP Community.
3. The poster has to be original work of the designer.
4. Submission Size – A2 Portrait 300 DPI (4961 pixels x 7016 pixels)
5. Submission File – PNG or JPEG
6. The entries for the competition will close on 31st August 2017.
7. Entries are open for participants from across the globe.
8. In case the selected poster is sold at the event or online through any association of IFP, the participant will receive 100% of the proceeds after deducting the platform fees and logistic charges. In such case, the author will get full due credit of his work with mention of name.
9. The submitted poster will be strictly restricted to the curator of competition.
10. All the rights to the design will be certainly held by the participant.

All participants who submit films shall receive Certificate of Participation via email after the fest.

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