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India Film Project Season 7
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IFP in Campus

How about a filmmaking challenge at your college fest organized by Asia’s Largest Content Creation Festival?

We’ve been to some of the most exciting college campuses in India including IIT Mumbai, Lady Sriram, BITS Hyderabad, NIT Trichy and many many more.

Get IFP Campus Connect to your college fest. Write to us at care@indiafilmproject.co


Upcoming IFP Campus Connect



Hyderabad | March 6-7, 2018
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Rules for 24 Hour Filmmaking Challenge

1.The theme will be revealed via WhatsApp/SMS at the beginning of 24 hours.
2. Tasks – Each team has to perform following tasks in the given period of 24 hours – Scripting, Casting, Location and Art Design,
3. Teams can shoot on DSLR or Mobile on 720p or higher. However, the editing must be done on a laptop.
4. Team Leaders will receive the link for uploading the films at the start of the competition.
5. Maximum length of film should be 120 seconds including beginning and end credits.
6. You can have maximum 10 members in your team, excluding the cast.
7. Any film received after the 24 hour deadline will be disqualified.
All the communication and announcement will be sent on Team Leader’s Contact Number.

Some of the campuses we’ve been to..

IFP at Mood Indigo – IIT Bombay

India Film Project at IIT Bombay
Mood Indigo is Asia’s largest college cultural festival with more than 1.5 Lac footfalls over three days. More than 1,500 film enthusiasts participated and submitted 200+ films at the festival organized by India Film Project.

IFP at Chaos – IIM Ahmedabad

India Film Project at IIM Ahmedabad
IIM Ahmedabad’s Chaos – the culfest, partnered with IFP for a film challenge on the campus. Entries were open from all across the country. More than 600 films were submitted at the festival from 65 cities across India.

IFP at Lady Sriram College, Delhi

India Film Project at Lady Sriram College, Delhi
One of the premier institute of north India, the culfest at SRCC is a swag. IFP edition at SRCC witnessed film enthusiasts travelling from across many states to attend the festival.

Get IFP in your college. Write to us at care@indiafilmproject.co or call us on 9727299070.

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